Consulting for building technology

If you are asking yourself which heating concept is the best one for your requirements, matches your living concept and also generates the lowest possible consumption cost, then we would welcome the opportunity to help you with our professional advice. For family homes, rental apartments, new or old-builds - we will illustrate the possibilities you have using bespoke examples of building technology.

  • Energy consultation
  • Heating concept: Oil, gas, timber, or electricity
  • Solar- or Geothermal

Bathroom planning

We would welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your visit to a bathroom center to show you the different options of fittings and decorations all around your new bathroom. Together we can design the new bathroom – from interior to tile grid, from lighting to electronic appliances we will ensure you will have the best possible bathroom experience.

  • Tile grid
  • Electronic appliances
  • Innovative lighting concepts
  • Individual showers and bath tubs
  • Interior construction
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